Who we are and where we’re going

Evolving Youth Care (EYC) is an established Ottawa-based provider of specialized treatment foster, group and respite programs caring for children and youth from all across Ontario, the North and out-of province with individually unique and complex needs.

EYC has been providing a full spectrum of services to children and youth since 1998. Our homes are located throughout the Ottawa-Carleton Region in Ontario, and serve males and females. Since 1998, services have expanded and evolved to include specialized treatment group and foster care programs as well as respite services.


At EYC we always put the children in our care first. We plan and develop creative solutions tailored to each child’s specific needs. We then surround them with a strong, family-based support system that empowers the children in our care to (re)gain control of their lives, allowing them to reach their true potential while also preparing them for their future.

Children and youth placed within EYC are seen in the total “context” of their lives and not simply viewed in regards to their behaviours. We acknowledge that events and experiences from a child’s past may shape their beliefs in the future. Behaviour results from these core beliefs, which they hold about themselves and those around them. These beliefs inform their behaviour and in turn, their behaviour reinforces their beliefs. These systems need to be looked at in order to effectively minimize personal suffering and modify destructive behaviour. We work with our youth to help them identify these symptoms and acknowledge the effect they have on their behaviour and to collaboratively develop healthier lifestyles and constructive behaviours.

Our treatment programs encourage children to learn from their immediate experience with those in the residence as well as those in the community. This kind of information is useful in allowing residents to understand how they affect others and how others affect them. In this way, the residents are able to:

Become self-aware and identify counter-productive actions

Make realistic choices and engage in problem-solving

Be empowered, make decisions and be in the drivers’ seat of their journey

Critique and change belief systems that previously encouraged destructive behaviour

Work collaboratively with others

Accept support and counselling for trauma from their pasts that may be contributing to their current behaviour(s)

Our Partners

Our Team

The people who work at Evolving Youth Care all share the vision of providing the highest quality care to all the children and youth in our homes.

We’re driven by the idea that a positive, inclusive and fun culture leads to the success in both the lives of the clients we serve as well as in the development of our team.


Jeff Deriger


Jeff was born and raised in the City of Ottawa and is a B. Comm graduate from the University of Ottawa. For the better part of 18 years Jeff has been in the field of caring for youth and improving lives through quality mental health care access. Jeff held positions as co-owner and CFO of Terrace Youth Residential Services Inc. and Terrace Wellness Group Inc. He was also the co-founder and President of Snapclarity Inc., a digital mental health app, up until it was acquired by CloudMD Software & Services Inc. in 2020.

Jeff most recently took over TYRS Inc. and is now the sole owner and President. Over the past several months, Jeff has overseen the successful re-brand of TYRS Inc. into Evolving Youth Care Inc. (EYC) where his vast experience and leadership skills are now focused on quality control, expansion, business development, building cohesive relationships and the occasional game of golf. Jeff’s vision in the re-brand is to create a corporate culture where “Everyone Matters” – from our amazing and growing team, to all our community service partners but most importantly to all the youth in our care.

I am so proud of our team at EYC, their dedication and commitment to the youth in our care is second to none. The leadership and attention to detail that our executive team demonstrates day in and day out overseeing the operations is uncanny. Most importantly my hat is off to all our front-line staff who never seem to miss a beat with their quality of care and keeping all the kids safe. To the entire EYC team, I truly appreciate all of your hard work, your loyalty and your commitment to all the youth in our care. We truly are a family and for that I wanted to thank each and every one of you!”

Jeff Deriger, President

Shannon Kent

Chief Operations Officer

Shannon is the Chief Operations Officer, working closely with our Program leads in developing treatment plans and delivering a service which meets and exceeds the Child Youth and Family Services Act. Shannon’s background in Psychology and Child and Youth Work prepared her for her journey with EYC. Shannon has been with Evolving Youth Care for more than 12 years in many roles. Shannon has worked front line as a Child and Youth Worker in our residential homes and foster care programs. Shannon became a residential Supervisor and remained in this role for 5 years before stepping into her role as Area Manager. As Chief Operations Officer, Shannon is passionate about the care provided to all of the children and youth in our care as well as the learning opportunities offered to each employee who joins us at EYC. Shannon is an expert at creative planning and out of the box thinking. Shannon understands the CYFSA and how to liaise between Children’s Aid, Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, Medical Professionals, Police Services and the Education System. Shannon will ensure all of our children, youth, students and staff have the opportunity to evolve into the best versions of themselves and reach their goals while being involved with our agency.

Candice Boyer

Supervisor of Client Care

Candice is the Supervisor of Client Care, working closely with the Chief Operations Officer as well as the Program Supervisors while liaising with Children’s Aid Societies to ensure the vision for care is consistent throughout our homes. Candice’s role is to provide accurate, detailed and immediate information about clients to employees of EYC: Engage in conversations and meetings to understand client needs and goals, then provide informed direction on the clinical planning for each youth in care of EYC. Candice ensure’s that the youth cared for by EYC employees is at the highest standard. The employee performance is demonstrated and reviewed through quality assurance of the program operations and clinical outcomes. Candice has been with Evolving Youth Care for 5 years initially in a program lead position before being promoted into Program Supervisor. Candice’s background in Psychology and Social Services combined with her front-line experience has prepared her for her role as Supervisor of Client Care. Candice is committed to ensuring youth in care of EYC receive a family-based environment despite barriers which EYC and all OPR’s are faced with on a daily basis.

Faith Van Sickle

Supervisor of Learning and Development

Faith is the Supervisor of Learning and Development, working closely with our Human resources, Chief Operations Officer, Supervisor of Client Care and Program Supervisors. Faith has a Degree in Psychology and Diploma in Police Foundations. More recently Faith was certified to train our employees in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention. Faith has been with Evolving Youth Care for 4 years, initially working as a front line CYC before being promoted to Program Supervisor. Faith’s journey with EYC has prepared her for her role as Supervisor of Learning and Development as she understands the needs of our youth as well as our employees and the learning gaps which can take place. In Faith’s role, she facilitates an employee training program approved by the COO, offers on-site training as well as conducting quality Assurance of EYC homes and files – completing a report of findings. Faith is committed to ensuring the growth of our employees and their understanding of the ever-evolving Child, Youth and Family Services Act. Faith is actively involved in ensuring our program’s are meeting the needs of the youth in our care. Faith is passionate about the growth of EYC and the overall development of this agency who is determined to offer the highest quality of care.

Jeri Gauthier

Human Resource Manager

Jeri is the Human Resource Manager, working closely with the Chief Operations Officer to ensure recruiting is always active, competitive and consistent in a field which is challenging during the best of times. Jeri’s Child and Youth Work Diploma and background in residential care has prepared her for an HR role in Social Services. Jeri worked front line for more than 9 years in a residential setting before achieving her Graduate Certificate in Human Resources in 2021. Evolving Youth Care is honored to be a part of Jeri’s Human Resource journey and is fortunate to have such a dedicated and determined recruitment officer. Jeri is committed to keeping up to the fast-paced and at times what seems impossible demand in the Child and Youth Care field. Jeri is extremely approachable and maintains the utmost professionalism while managing each challenge that comes her way. Jeri’s screening process for employees is one which continues throughout the probationary period, upholding a high level of accountability not only on the employee but on the supports and training offered to our staff here at EYC.  Jeri is thrilled to be a part of such a caring, fun-loving team who truly want the best for the children and youth in our care.

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